About Me


It all began by chance. I was a secretary for a small wedding video company and discovered that shooting and editing looked like a lot more fun.

Initiating an interest to operate cameras and edit video, I began helping out on evenings and weekends. I learned a variety of skills from the people I worked for; they saw how much I loved this line of work, put their faith in my potential and took the time to teach me the ropes (I am eternally grateful!). When the owner retired the business, I started freelancing and never looked back. Glad I took that chance and won that Emmy.

As time went on, I started growing a fondness for After Effects and took a hiatus of study at Full Sail University.

I earned a Digital Arts and Design Bachelor's Degree as Valedictorian of my class, earned several Course Director Awards and presented my work at the 2017 Digital Arts and Design Showcase. Going to design school invigorated me.

Now, onward down the path of keeping up with technology; this is the fountain of youth.


I have 10+ years of experience working as a video editor, motion designer, colorist, sound designer, graphic designer, camera operator, teleprompter operator, photographer, audio visual technician, audio engineer, live sound mixer, musician, craft service and production assistant.